Introduction to Me, Korbin Bielski

I wanted to add an introduction to me that is a little more personal and less straight forward as my bio is, so here we go!

I grew up in Michigan, which is a beautiful place to grow up as a kid you get all four seasons and they are magnificent.  I think fall is my favorite time of year with the leaves changing color and the cool air, I love dressing up in a cozy sweater. 

Somewhere around the age of thirteen I discovered my mom's Kodak instamatic camera it was point and shoot with a disposable flash that had four bulbs in it, once you use the four bulbs you would have to replace it, this was so intriguing to me. But the images were what I was really interested in. I painted and drew a lot as a child and I still do, but being able to point this devise at a subject take a picture and create an instant piece of art was fascinating well, not instant, it was film so you had to get it developed but still it was an easier way to capture something in my mind then painting or drawing.

Korbin Bielski fine art photographer

Me in Maui creating fine art photos.

As my interest grew I eventually got my very own camera, a Kodak Disc camera! I took that camera everywhere and enjoyed it until it was time for an upgrade. I bugged my father non stop for 35 mm camera and I had my eye on a Minolta X-700. I wanted this camera for Christmas and I did not let up.  This was probably one of my first attempts at manifesting something, as I looked through the brochure every night and imaged having the camera in my hands and all of the places I would go to take photos. Well, as a huge surprise to me I did receive the camera for Christmas and I say huge surprise because the camera was not cheap but my father was. So the fact that I got this camera was very close to a miracle!

I used this camera for many years and I do still have it. Photography was always a hobby to me and I never thought of it as a career choice. I went to film school in Orlando and upon graduation I moved to Los Angeles which had been a dream of mine since I was very young. I worked in film and took acting classes as well, all while holding down jobs at restaurants until I eventually decided the film business wasn't for me and acting wasn't going anywhere either. During this time I took my first photography class at Santa Monica College it was a Lightroom development class and an introduction to photography class. I was going to turn my hobby into a career and I was very excited about it. I took headshots for my actor friends and I would walk around Hollywood Blvd where I lived to take street shots of my city. It was all very exciting I wasn't sure how to get started or how to make money in photography, but I was willing to try. Until one day I lost my job and my apartment and I put my dreams of becoming a professional photographer on hold, for many years.

Since those days I have had many phases of my life from working in restaurants to a gym to a plastic surgeons skincare line I was even on a reality show. But, once the skincare line closed its doors I decided it was time for me to work for myself and to try a photography career again and at the age of forty, I did just that. 


Staring off photographing short term rentals and real estate, fashion and headshots. It wasn't' until 2019 that I really decided I wanted to sell my photography as fine art prints. It felt so right for me to start this new venture in photography. Like anything in life, it has not been easy but I continue to move forward and look to the future. I am currently working on more conceptual works involving people and abstract objects. My goal is to be in galleries across the world and to have a few coffee table books. I am also very interested in design and I am working on designing luxury home products.

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