Installation day for a collector in Beverly Hills!

I recently did an installation for a collector's office in Beverly Hills. Rush to Beauty is a skin spa owned by one of the top injectionist in the country, Rand Rusher. He also happens to be a friend of mine and has bought five of my fine art pieces for his new office. Being that the office is in Beverly Hills, the images are all Los Angeles centric. Framed prints are a great way to decorate any office, home or even a home office. When looking for wall art, always buy something that you are drawn to and will bring you inspiration.

It's always an exciting day to do an installation and decorate a space with my art as well as see the reactions from my customers and art collectors. The five pieces are in this post and all prints for sale on my website. There is also a video of all the framed photo prints being installed at the bottom of this post.

I offer framing for all of my photos and delivery and installation for my large and oversized fine art pieces for anyone in Los Angeles and surrounding area. Pricing of delivery of my large wall art and installation depends on sizes and location. 


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