Coastal and Beach Prints

Coastal decor and coastal interior design is a big trend right now and I have you covered to get the design style just right. I have been shooting California landscapes since I moved to Los Angeles in the late nineties and I have never stopped. My earlier work is much moodier and journalistic as I walked around discovering my new city. I still shoot moodier, black and whites, but I have also evolved into a brighter more colorful, beachy aesthetic. 

The coastal decor vibe Coastal interior design often incorporates natural elements from scenic beaches and coastlines, such as natural woods, rattan, and linen fabrics. The coastal aesthetic also leans towards a lighter color palette where shades of blue and white mimic the crashing waves of the ocean. 

Coastal design is open, airy, and should feel like a relaxing day out on the beach. There are several types of coastal interior design, each inspiring its own decor ideas. Below are some ideas and art inspiration for your home.

Entryway: Natural materials and neutral furniture look best in as the entry point of your home. And I believe a statement art piece really sets the mood.

Dining room and kitchen: Just because coastal design leans toward neutrals, doesn't mean you can’t add a pop of color in the form seating or wall decor. The kitchen and dining room are great areas to play with natural elements as well.

Living room/ family room: Natural light is key in these rooms. Pick light, neutral and comfortable seating for these areas. And for the focal wall, a great large print will anchor the room and give your guest something to talk about.

Bathroom: This is a great area for coastal textures—such as stone, seashell, and create a spa, tranquil space for you and your guest.

Master bedroom: Create a calm atmosphere with three different color palettes, whites, beige and soft blues look great and of course a beautiful image to wake up to every morning.


I hope this helps you decide on what coastal prints will look best in your house. The beach prints you pick will create a mood and help express who you are as well.  Coastal wall art is all the rage, so get inspired and create your dream home!

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