8x10's Are Great for Gallery Walls

I did a little video about my 8x10 fine art prints which you will find below. The 8x10 print is a perfect size for a gallery wall or to prop up on a dresser or console table! It really is a versatile size and frames are so easy to find.

8x10 fine art print

You will see in the video that I get some of my frames from Target and you can find them on amazon as well. This size print is such a great gift as well, I give them out to friends and family for holidays and birthdays all the time. You can also find gallery wall inspiration all over the internet I found this one recently and it's great! 

I also did a video on using Command Strips which are such a fast and easy way to hang smaller photos and create gallery walls. You can get Command Strips on amazon as well.

As you can see in the video I have a gallery wall in my living room, but I also have my fine art 8x10's propped up on my dresser and a few in my hallway. They really do go anywhere and fill a wall nicely.

So if you are looking for fine art prints and don't want to spend a lot of money, I think my 8x10 prints are perfect for you!

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